We are excited to announce that we now offer Lactation Services at our South Lake office! This service is available for patient moms at any of our pediatric locations. To find out more about our Lactation Consultant, Sarah Leaphart, RN, IBCLC, please click here. To schedule a lactation consult, please call 803-520-9370 ext 407 or email

We absolutely, completely, 100%

love babies.

Babies are the best. They cry and poop and giggle and smile and sneeze and cuddle and say: “dada” until you’re pretty sure it’s real.

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We have 3 kids and we love this practice. Dr. Delaney and Dr. Guyton are awesome as well as their Nurse Practitoner Meredith. It's great to have someone who not only takes good care of their patients, but also gets to know your children and truly cares about your family.

- Russell M.

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